River Cruising is in demand & your donors WANT to experience one! 

Give them the excuse that they have been waiting for...

Offer them an opportunity to help your organization AND glide down a beautiful river in the process! 

From the desk of Trish Gastineau.

Fort Myers, Florida.

Dear Friends,


I know that it is harder every day to find new and exciting ways to keep existing donors engaged, much less recruiting new higher  donors! 


I recently read that 88% of non profits in the U.S. reported using 4 or more fundraising strategies in the past year - and with the high turn over of staff members, some of these strategies never materialize. On top of that, more individuals are expecting something in return for their donations. 


We've all seen time and time again that people don't donate to faceless organizations or buildings, they give to individuals who ask them to, and in order to changes lives and make a difference.


Fundraising is human-centric - people crave a connection! Traveling with a group of like minded people is also human-centric, making fundraising and group travel a match made in heaven!


I ask you to read further to see how we can help you, your organization, and your donors raise the funds that you require in a fun and unique way. 


Please schedule a complementary call, and I'll be happy to answer your questions. I'm sure you will see that this exciting opportunity shouldn't be ignored! 



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Why Group Travel? 

We have found that when people travel together, several things happen.


  • Higher levels of excitement
  • You stand out from other organizations
  • unique bonds are built between participants
  • those who didn't attend want to go next time 
  • those who did attend want to be included next time!

You bring the audience, we'll provide the information & answer their questions! 

We work with you to answer your questions, and help you chose the right itinerary for your group! 

  • Easy to work with! You bring the audience together, we'll handle the presentation. 

  • Your Group Leader travels for free! If you have a group leader, or a local celebrity, we can arrange for them to cruise for free. 

  • The more people that travel, the more money your organization can make! Collect $$ for each traveler, as well as a bonus for reaching milestones. 

  • Offer the next trip to the attendees while they are enjoying this trip. A great way to make sure that those who participate are offered the best deals first! 

Find out more today - please click the button below to schedule a no-obligation call to find out how group travel will benefit your organization! 

Not interested in a River Cruise? No worries! We can also offer Ocean Cruise Groups, Escorted Motor Coach Groups, as well as Group Travel Options Customized especially for your organization. 

Remember that we offer a FREE No-Obligation Get Acquainted Call, in order for you to see if this is the right fundraising option for you, so it’s a risk-free call!

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